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Jinma Tractor Sales Dept.
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About us

Our production base of Jinma Tractors Lies at the coast of the Yellow Sea which is a joint venture set up by two famous groups: one is the top 500 enterprises of China, the other is the well-known tractor manufacturer of the world.

Huanghai jinma 16、18、20、25、30、35、40、45、50、55、60、65、70、75、80、85、90、95、100、120、125HP two-wheeled and four- wheeled tractors are series tractors which feature large tractive force, low fuel consumption, varied functions and easy operation, wide application and reliability. The tractors are suitable for dry land, ......

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Products ( jinma tractor,tractor,jinma )

jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-JM350E Tractor with EEC Certification 35hp 2WD
JM350E Tractor with EEC Certification 35hp 2WD-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma
jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-JM254 Tractor/Jinma254 Tractor 4WD 25HP
JM254 Tractor/Jinma254 Tractor 4WD 25HP-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma
jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-JM304 Tractor/Jinma304 Tractor 4WD 30HP
JM304 Tractor/Jinma304 Tractor 4WD 30HP-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma
jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-JM604 Tractor/Jinma604 Tractor 4WD 60HP
JM604 Tractor/Jinma604 Tractor 4WD 60HP-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma
jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-JM454 Tractor/Jinma454 Tractor 4WD 45HP
JM454 Tractor/Jinma454 Tractor 4WD 45HP-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma
jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-JM184 Tractor/Jinma184 Tractor 4WD 18HP
JM184 Tractor/Jinma184 Tractor 4WD 18HP-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma
jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-JM804 Tractor/Jinma804 Tractor 4WD 80HP
JM804 Tractor/Jinma804 Tractor 4WD 80HP-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma
jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-JM554 Tractor/Jinma554 Tractor 4WD 55HP
JM554 Tractor/Jinma554 Tractor 4WD 55HP-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma
jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-JM800 Tractor/Jinma800 Tractor 2WD 80HP
JM800 Tractor/Jinma800 Tractor 2WD 80HP-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma
jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-JM244E Tractor with EEC Certification 24hp 4WD
JM244E Tractor with EEC Certification 24hp 4WD-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma
jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-JM284 Tractor/Jinma284 Tractor 4WD 28HP
JM284 Tractor/Jinma284 Tractor 4WD 28HP-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma
jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-JM250 Tractor/Jinma250 Tractor 2WD 25HP
JM250 Tractor/Jinma250 Tractor 2WD 25HP-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma

Selling Leads

jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-HW-03 Backhoe for 30-35hp tractor
HW-03 Backhoe for 30-35hp tractor-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma
jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-6" Wood Chipper (for 40-65hp)
6" Wood Chipper (for 40-65hp)-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma
jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-Finish Mower(for 40-65 hp)
Finish Mower(for 40-65 hp)-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma
jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-Wood Chipper(6")
Wood Chipper(6")-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma
jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-Front Loader(for 70-85hp)
Front Loader(for 70-85hp)-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma
jinma tractor,tractor,jinma-1W-70-60 Excavator
1W-70-60 Excavator-jinma tractor,tractor,jinma

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