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1BJX Mounted Disc Harrow for 40-65hp tractor
1BJX-2.0 Mounted Disc Harrow (for 40-60hp)Working width(m) :  2.0Max.working  depth (cm):  14linkage :    
1BQX-1.9 Hydraulic Light Duty Offset Disc Harrow
1BQX-1.9 Mounted   Light Duty Disc Harrow (for 40-55hp)Working width(m) :  1.9Max.working  depth (cm):10-14linkage :&nbs
Rotary Seed Drill (40-65hp)
Rotary Seed Drill  (for 40-65hp)Seed lines  :  1-6Lines spacing (cm):  22Efficiency  (mu/h):     4-6
1LY-525 Disc Plough
1LY-525  Disc Plough (for 50-55hp)Max working width :  1.25Max working  depth :  25Dia .of.disc  (mm):    
1LY-320 Driven 3 Disc Plough for 40-55hp tractor
1LY-320 Driven 3 Disc Plough (for 40-55hp)Max working width :  0.75Max working  depth :  25Dia .of.disc  (mm):   &n
1L527 Five-Share Plough for 55-65hp tractor
Five-Share Plough 1L530 (for 55-65hp)No.plow   :  5Depth  :  22-27Efficiency (mu/h):     0.60-0.72Ma
1L430 Four-Share Plough
Four-Share Plough 1L430 (for 40-65hp)No.plow   :4Depth  :22-27Efficiency (mu/h):     0.43-0.55Matching for&nbs
1L330 Three-Share Plough for 40-55hp tractor
Three-Share Plough 1L330 (for 40-55hp)No.plow   :3Depth  :22-27Efficiency (mu/h):     0.2-0.36Matching for&nbs
Ditching Machine(for 40-65hp)
Ditching Machine(for 40-65hp)Ditch  width (cm):      10-20Ditch  depth (cm):     
Finish Mower(for 40-65 hp)
Finish Mower(for 40-65hp)Mowing  width (mm):      1500Operation efficiency (per hour):  3500-10000No.blade : &
1GQN-160/180 Rotary Tiller
1GQN-160 (40-45hp)Rotary Tiller(for 40-45hp)Ploughing width (cm):    160Ploughing depth (cm):     18Peed of cultiva
Excavator/post hole digger for 40-65hp tractor
(40-50hp) Excavator (for 40-50hp)Hole diameter(cm):   50 .  Hole depth(cm):       65  .Eff

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